This discography takes for base the one that Laurent Cugny had established in 1989 for his book "Las vegas Tango" with the invaluable help of Georges Wagner and Alain Tercinet. This first version used Tetsuya Tajiri's discography, as well as the discographies of Miles Davis by Jack Chambers and Luciano Viotto.
   For this general update, Alain Tercinet brought again numerous essential elements, as well as Maurizio Comandini, Steve Lajoie, Patrick and Pascal Spillemaecker. The websites dedicated to Miles Davis by Peter Losin and Larry Tomczyk also provided a vast source of information. Bertrand Uberall made an important contribution, notably by his researches of the copyrights in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.. They should all be warmly thanked, as well as Robin Dewhurst, Noah Evans, Miles Evans and Anita Evans. And Gil Evans, for the beautiful music..
   Translated to English by Randall Cherry. Graphic design by Pierre Marfoure-Studio on off design.


   All the sessions where at least one arrangement or composition by Gil Evans was played were retained, whether he was physically present or not. All the recorded (including records made after his death), published and known music, to which he contributed as an arranger, conductor or musician should be found here.
   In the case of the Miles Davis recordings where Gil Evans's participation is mentioned, only the tracks where he is credited were selected. During the numerous Miles Davis sessions where Gil Evans was present, Miles regularly asked for his opinion, and Gil could even write music bits. Among the most probable, the introduction of "So What" and part of the 1956 arrangement of "Round About Midnight" which were very likely arranged by Gil Evans. The contribution is also recognized in "Star People" as well as in many other albums of Miles Davis. But, even in the case of reliable testimonies, these sessions were not included. Also, "Petits Machins", recorded on June 19, 1968, included on the album "Filles de Kilimandjaro" and credited to Miles Davis is actually Gil Evans's composition "Eleven".
   Except for the "Into the Hot" album published under Gil Evans's name, the sessions where he is credited "advisor" or "supervisor" ("But Beautiful" by Lew Soloff, "Ryo" by Ryo Kawasaki) were not selected. As is the case with the recordings which incorporate samplings of sessions in which Gil Evans participated (Carlos Santana's "Milagro").
   Besides, it seems that recordings exist of the orchestra led by Gil Evans in Stockton, California, between 1933 and 1938. To our knowledge, they have not yet been published and no information has made its way to us. Therefore, the present discography does not mention them.
   In the case of uncertainty, a question mark "?" is shown. We welcome any checked information allowing to fill the gaps or correct errors. You can send it (with mention of the source) to Laurent Cugny (


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