Title Gil Evans
Author Krystian Brodacki
Place/date Jazz Forum n°111, Warsaw, February 1988
Language English

Title Gil Evans
Author Laurent Goddet et Claude Carrière
Place/date Jazz Hot n°309, Paris, October 1974
Language French

Title In the Key of Evans
Author Fernando Gonzalez
Place/date The Boston Globe n° ?, Boston, May 1987
Language English

Title Birth of the Cool
Author Nat Hentoff
Place/date Down Beat vol. 24, n° 9 & 10, Chicago, 2nd & 16th of May 1957
Language English
Note in CERULLI Don, KORALL, Burt et NASATIR, Mort, The Jazz World, New York, Ballantine Books, 1960

Title Gil Evans, Out of the Cool
Author Don J. Lahey
Place/date Coda Magazine n°205, Toronto, December 1985-January 1986
Language English

Title Gil Evans, The Lone Arranger
Author Howard Mandel
Place/date Down Beat vol. 51, n° 4, Chicago, April 1984
Language English

Title Refocus on Gil Evans
Author Robert Palmer
Place/date Down Beat vol. 41, n°10, Chicago, May 23, 1974
Language English

Title Discourse
Author Brian Priestley et Stan Tracey
Place/date Jazz Journal International n°7 & 8, London, July & August 1978
Language English

Title Gil Evans, l'arrangeur qui dérange
Author Jérôme Reese
Place/date Jazz Hot n°409, Paris, April 1984
Language French

Title The Orchestration of the Cool
Author Derek Richardson
Place/date The San Francisco Bay Guardian n° ?, San Francisco, 8-15 April 1987
Language English

Title Gil Evans
Author Gérard Rouy
Place/date Jazz Magazine n°224, Paris, July-August 1974
Language French

Title Gil Evans, 75 ans : Absolute Beginner
Author Ben Sidran
Place/date Jazz Magazine n°361 & 362, Paris, July-August 1987
Language French translation

Title Sound Innovator : Gil Evans
Author Stephanie Stein
Place/date Pulse ! n° ?, New York City, November 1987
Language English

Title Gil Evans
Author Zan Stewart
Place/date Musician, Player and Listener n°39, New York City, January 1982
Language English

Title Gil Evans Speaks
Author Les Tomkins
Place/date in HORRICKS, Raymond, Gil Evans, London, Spellmount, 1984
Language English


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