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Pacific Standard Time - Gil Evans
2 LPS : Blue Note BND4024 1979
produced for Re-issue by Pete Welding Arranged by Gil Evans
originally produced by George Avakian (a,b) and Richard Bock (c,d)

side a

1 ST. LOUIS BLUES (W.C.Handy) 5'26 Solos: Adderley: Evans/Wayne
2 KING PORTER STOMP (F."Jelly Roll" Morton) 3'17


3 WILLOW TREE (T."Fats" Waller-A.Razaf) 4'40

Evans, Adderley

4 STRUTTIN' WlTH SOME BARBECUE (L.Armstrong-D.Raye) 4'30

Barber, Rehak; Adderley

side b

1 LESTER LEAPS IN (L.Young) 4'16 Solos: Adderley, Wayne, Rehak
2 'ROUND MIDNIGHT (T.Monk-B.Hanighen-C.Williams) 4'07

Evans, Adderley, Evans/Adderley

3 MANTECA (D.Gillespie-G.Fuller) 5'16


4 BIRD FEATHERS (C.Parker) 6'94

Adderley, Rehak, Coles, Blakey, Chambers, Adderley

side c

1 DAVENPORT BLUES (B.Beiderbecke) 4'25 Solo: Coles

Coles; Lacy; Fuller; Evans

3 BALLAD OF THE SAD YOUNG MEN (F.Landesman-T.Wolf) 4'00

Evans; Cleveland

4 J0Y SPRING (C.Brown) 2'49

Evans; Crawford

side d

1 DJANG0 (J.Lewis) 8'05 Solos: Evans/Lacy; Evans; Coles
2 CHANT OF THE WEED (D.Redman) 4'25

Johnson, clarinet

3 THEME (G.Evans) 6'15

Johnson, tenor saxophone; Crawford; Jones