One Night Stand with Claude Thornhill at the Glen Island Casino, June 1947 - Claude Thornhill
LP : Joyce 1111

side a

1 Opening Theme and Introduction  
2 Sleepy Serenade  
3 Would You Believe Me  
4 Sorta Kinda (J.Young)  
5 Jack, Jack, Jack  
6 Medley



Just Me, Just You (J.Greer-R.Klages)  
Exactly Like You (J.McHugh-D.Fields)  
Tea for Two (V.Youmans-I.Caesar)  
St.Louis Blues (W.C.Handy)  
7 Peg o' My Heart (F.Fisher-A.Bryan)  

side b

1 How About You (R.Freed-B.Lane)  
2 Rock-a-Bye Baby (Trad.)  
3 At Sundown (W.Donaldson)  
4 Snowfall (C.Thornhill)  
5 Dream (J.Mercer)  
6 Moonlight in Vermont (J.Blackburn-K.Suessdorf)  
7 Paper Moon  

a4 arranged by Gil Evans